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An End User’s Digest: The Spiral Sole and Ergonomics of SPINGLE

February 29, 2016 | NEWS

Many people who first see SPINGLE MOVE are astonished, especially by the upward curve and spiral sole!

Because of the weird appearance, I decided to find out what’s underneath the sole. With the help of Heavy Weather, the distributor of SPINGLE in Hong Kong, I went to the manufacture factory of SPINGLE located in Hiroshima, Japan.

I was shocked by the production processes. From the process at the beginning of mixing the rubber soles, shapping, grinding, assembling, high-temperature grilling, curing process, and finally the polishing process, they are all done by hands.

As a pleasure, president Uchida Takahisa san has explained thoroughly during the whole factory tour, and he finally unveiled the secret of the upward curve of the sole. It can relieve the stress we stand during a long walk.

According to ” Relationship between podiatric health and occupation”, walking seems to be a natural skill; however, it has a large impact upon podiatric health. Walking involves a series of basic movements including rhythmic, alternative movements of the lower limbs, upper limbs with the trunk. Each cycle starts from the heel, touches the ground. Then the posterior outside of the heel and the toes of the other foot both touch the ground in succession bearing the weight of the body. Then the heel is off the ground. The toes are the last to leave the ground. Such sequential motion is called the “Gait Cycle”.

If one does not learn to pay attention to maintaining a proper way of walking, different problems can arise. The “spiral sole” of SPINGLE can effectively reduce the impact during a long walk; therefore, your  soles of feet are under less pressure!

Every day most people walk, on average, approximately six kilometres. That means by the time they reach seventy years old, the total distance walked will be more than four times around the
globe. Therefore, if one has not formed a healthy way to walk, serious problems could be brought about with the passage of time.


made in Japan

參考:《Relationship between podiatric health and occupation》