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SPINGLE MOVE x Onomichi Canvas:SPM-324

December 02, 2015 | NEWS

—— The Same Origin in Hiroshima Japan ——
《 SPINGLE MOVE x Onomichi Canvas:SPM-324 》
The masterpiece SPM-324 made of Onomichi Canvas is back!


Onomichi Canvas has high-quality, being very popular and widely used in Japan, especially in the Edo period when all the knitting on the merchant ships adopt Onomichi Canvas.

SPINGLE always prefers to use traditional and natural materials. The SPM-324 made of Onomichi Canvas and the Aomori blue SPM-191 are the best examples.

SPM-324 was first introduced in Spring / Summer 2008. Although it was one of the best-selling items, the production was stopped after two production. However, the masterpiece has finally been back in 2015, in return for the huge supports of SPM-324 lovers.

SPM-324 is made of Onomichi canvas which is a delicate fabric. After stone washing, the canvas becomes more beautiful. The sole is maintained soft like other SPINGLE MOVE. The front and the edges of canvas are covered by leather, together with the chamois leather shoelace, simply enhancing the canvas sneakers.

Different from classic SPM-101 and SPM-110, the upper part of SPM-324 is made wider that it is more suitable for big foot. Normally, you can wear one size smaller than classic SPM-101 and SPM-110, for example if you wear M size of SPINGLE MOVE, S size of SPM-324 is already a good fit.

Highly recommend SPM-324 for those like natural materials. It is highly ventilated and durable. Don’t miss out!

Recently, SPINGLE MOVE (HK) has introduced SPM-324 into Hong Kong Market (only a few stock). White, pink, blue, navy (one pair) and red (sold out) are available.

* For navy, only a pair of SS size left, suitable for those wear S size of SPM-110 and SPM-101.