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My best pair of SPINGLE - How to choose a size that fits your feet

January 02, 2019

Shoes that are manufactured in Japan normally follow the Japanese sizing - XS, SS, S, M, L and so on. SPINGLE MOVE also follows such sizing method. Hong Kong people normally follow UK or US sizing, so if it's you're looking for your first pair of SPINGLE, take some time to find the Japanese size that fits you the most, you'll be much more at ease when you buy other SPINGLE models in the future.

SPINGLE shoe shape is designed by experts, that's why it's different from other general shoe shapes. Here are 2 tips for you when you're fitting for SPINGLE MOVE:

  • SPINGLE sneakers generally look slim and the toe boxes look longer. This is to leave enough space for toes while wearers are walking. So it is not necessary to fit with your toes too close to the shoe tip.
  • Take your foot width into consideration when you're fitting, make sure it fits the widest part of the shoe for maximized comfort.