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About Spingle



Japan Spingle

Establishment: April, 1997
Product Direction: The production, planning and sales of business men and women leather sneakers
The birth of SPINGLE MOVE brand: 2002

From the City of Craftsmen to the World

Spingle Move Craftsmanship was born in Hiroshima.

“Without driven by the trend and maintains Japanese production. If you cannot create a unique design to meet the need of times, you cannot win a victory.”

Spingle studied the foot type of Japanese in detail and pursues the ultimate comfort.

Its technical skills and high quality are also noticed in overseas. It appeared in the Paris collection and Milan collection in 2004. Spingle’s quality and design are also observed in Europe.

Spingle will continue to convey the concept of “made in JAPAN”.

The Origin of the Name “SPINGLE”

“SPINGLE” is a new word created by the company.
SPINGLE MOVE logo has been put in the company’s wish.

Spingle-made shoes move around the axis of growth. The upward extending helix symbolizes the increase in the number of people who love Spingle shoes. The origin of the self-created word “Spingle” comes from: the meaning of rotation (spin) + the present progressive form of continuous move (ing) + the appearance of rotation (gle).

Under the logo, the wording “bingo, japan” reflects that the high-quality craftsmanship of Spingle’s factory is “bingo” of Hiroshima. Spingle also desires that Spingle shoes would be “bingo” of people’s feet as feeling of comfort.

Spingle keeps growing as a favourite brand of sneakers and today is also rotating.